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Friday, December 27, 2013

A Flourishing Life

Below is the outline to a recent class I gave in my office.  This class received a lot of notice so I've posted the outline of the class for those of you who are interested.  If you would like to hear the talk, click this link to access the audio file from Google Drive.

A Flourishing Life
by Aaron Rossi DC
December 11th 2013

I. Mindset
   A. Growth (getting better) vs. 
   B. Fixed (being good)

II. Flourishing – P. E. R. M. A.
    A. Positive emotions 
       1.“Happiness comes from within, and happiness comes from without. “
           a. Set Point 50%
           b. circumstances 10%
           c. outlook, choices, behavior 40%
       2. Exercises
           a.“What went well?”  
           b. A Kind Act – most powerful mood enhancer
       3. Practice of Self Esteem
           a. Self acceptance
           b. personal integrity
           c. self assertiveness

    B. Engagement – 
       1. Flow; where challenge and skill meet, Presence of mind
       2. Drive; Autonomy, purpose, Mastery
    C. Relationships
       1. Communicating with Children
           a. Praise Effort not outcome, 
           b. Positive Constructive Style
       2. Communicating with Partner
           a. 5 love languages – Time, Gifts, Touch, Words, Service

    D. Meaning / Purpose-
       1. Intrinsic - meaningful relationships, personal growth, community contribution 
       2. Extrinsic - wealth, beauty, fame, power

    E. Achievement 
       1. Grit – perseverance and effort
       2. Goals 
           a. Hard to achieve
           b. and Expect them to be
       3. Happy successful effort/work results from:
           a. 25% training and education
          b. 75% positivity, support, perception of stress (challenge or threat) 

III. Your Mind and Your Health 
     A. Positive Emotions and life and death and colds
     B. Your Brain
        1. Relationships
           a. Longevity
           b. Loneliness
        2. Meditation
            a. genetic effect
           b. parasympathetic response
        3. Exercises – 
            a. brain damage insulator: off-hand, cross-crawl, learning cognitive reserve 
            b. Naperville Ill., Texas Public schools
            c. Depressant 
        4. Brain Chemistry changes: received, given, observed

IV. The Weird
    A. Molecules of Emotion
    B. Earth Grounding, Brain Magnetic Sense
    C. Heart Magnetic Field
    D. DNA – selective change and magnetic influence
    E. Placebo Knee surgery

Heartmath – heart and emotion research   

John Gottman – Relationship expert

Brian Johnson's Philosophers Notes

Success Magazine (They're my curator for good stuff- I love this magazine)

TEDx talks: 
Brene Brown on vulnerability: 

Shawn Achor on Happiness:

Health newsletter:             

University of Penn
Signature Strengths Surveys


Flourish by Martin Seligman PhD
Mindset by Carol Dweck PhD
Succeed by Heidi Grand Halveson PhD
How of Happiness by Sonja Lubimurski PhD
Why we Do What we Do by Edward Deci PhD
Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt
Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi 
Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor
Drive by Daniel Pink
Switch by Chip and Dan Heath
Super Brain by Depak Chopra MD
Molecules of Emotion by Candice Pert PhD
Spark by John Ratey MD
Relaxation Revolution by Herbert Benson MD
Think Smart by Richard Restak MD

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