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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Your First Technique

When I was in Chiropractic college at Life University, I remember the very first day of adjusting.  I was half way through my Doctor of Chiropractic program and just entering "Student Clinic."  This is where young untested Chiropractic students start learning how to adjust - upon each other.

There was a group of 12 of us, young students, coincidentally all male, gathered around in the space of a large hallway intersection in the crammed, drab student clinic building.  We were all neatly dressed in ties, slacks and fresh pale blue clinic jackets.  Most of them still showing creases from being recently unfolded out of their package.

There was an air of great excitement and anxiety.  This is the time in school that the whole academic experience begins to shift.  Going from strictly academic to incorporating hands on practice.  Some were terrified, some exhilarated, both for the same reason; beginning the marque experience of being a Chiropractor.  The moment was further charged with a feel of competition as well.  Chiropractic students become deeply clanish, picking certain techniques and vocally promoting it above all others.  To be sure, we were ripe ground for those attitudes.

Gradually our attention turned down the hall.  We watched as a old gentlemen approached.  A few scattered hairs upon the top of his head, round spectacles, brown suit and tie, a bent but distinguished posture, complete with a wooden cane.  We watched speechlessly as he stode to the center of our group and  he slowly looked around, passing his gaze upon each of us.  He spoke slow, deliberate and quiet.

"Gather round men, gather round.  My name is Dr. Oliver.  I learned Toggle from BJ (the actual developer of Chiropractic and that technique) and I've been a Toggle Man for 60 years.

"But regardless of if you do Thompson, or Gonstead or any other,,  your FIRST technique gentlemen, is love.  Remember that."

I always have.

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