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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Learning Disabilities and Learning Delays; Lectures at Dekalb County Library

   It's easy to think that all the functions of your body and mind are initiated by the brain.
  But that's only a small piece of the full picture.  In order for anything to happen, the brain must know the world around it.
  That comes from the senses.

  We're taught in school that we have 5 senses, but that too is not accurate.  We have much more than that.  Beyond the 5 we know about there is a broad category that makes up a 6th sense.  Yes we all have a 6th sense!!  
  Sadly it's not quite as cool as Spidey Sense but it's still enormously important and has a disproportionate influence on the brain, our lives and our health.

  It's called proprioception.

It is the sense of our body's position, and movement.  Every moment of your entire life your brain is taking in this awareness.  Asleep or awake,, moving or still.  And it is the key sense that becomes distorted more than any other by our modern lifestyle.

  It's the integrated function of that sense that overwhelmingly influences Sensory Processing Disorders.  And in turn how the concept of sensory processing disorders give rise to the host of learning disabilities; dyslexia, autism and ADHD.
  I lecture on this topic from time to time at my local library.  We will discuss what things you can do on your own to facilitate improvement and how Chiropractic care plays a roll in the correction of some of the originating distortion in the brain.

Tucker-Reid H Cofer Library
5234 LaVista Rd
Tucker GA 30084

Contact the library to see when future dates are planned.

The ability for a child to functionally and adaptively, grow their mind and improve their ability to learn is Obviously a big deal.  1 out of 6 children have challenges with this, and if I can help, I will try.

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