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Thursday, April 4, 2013

When does the process end?

I had the pleasure of working with a great couple as new patients in my office today.  After we went through the things I usually do and a few things I specifically did we sat down and talked a little more.

She said that what we spoke about made sense, and that she understood that the care I was suggesting to her was a process.  And then she asked "but when does the process end?"

I answered her in two ways; 1) chiropractic is like anything else you can do in life that delivers ongoing benefits.  Exercise, dating your spouse, sleeping well, showering all help ongoingly, and so does Chiropractic.  2) I told her in my own life I don't get adjusted because I'm in pain, or have some ailment to treat.  I get adjusted because I want optimize my nervous system, my health and my life.

So ultimately, even though you are free to stop when ever you want.  There is no end to the process.

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